the childfood friend

There was the town named Lufthauch which a modern building was mixed with a historical building of the Gothic architecture, and harmonized wonderfully. The comfortable soft breeze was occasionally carried from the gap of the building of the town. A young man named Alejandro worked in the old well-established bookstore named Herwegh bookstore along the main street adjacent to the cathedral named Lufthauch Münster which was the symbol of the town. He lost his father one year ago and then he succeeded his father and ran the bookstore, and the person visiting Lufthauch Münster was not cut off every day, because the article about the cathedral appeared in a guidebook. However, the person who visited his bookstore was around several people per day. One young woman named Hermine was hit by a sudden thunderstorm in an early afternoon of one day, and she who became dripping wet protected herself from rain, and took shelter with the eaves of his bookstore. When he noticed her existence, he opened the store door quietly and said “If you would not mind, use this umbrella” and offered her one umbrella. The young woman said “Thank you” “I come to return this umbrella by all means” and she bowed and disappeared in rain. He felt her like his acquaintance and he opened the album and looked for her figure. He found the photo which he appeared in with her. And he remembered her. He and a girl named Hermine always spent it together, but she moved on account of the work of her father far when they turned 13 years old. And she visited his bookstore again on Tuesday one week after that. Hermine said “Thank you Mr. Herwegh” and returned him an umbrella. Alejandro said “Thank you for coming to return an umbrella expressly” He offered tea to her. Hermine said “Thank you” Alejandro asked “Are you Hermy?” Hermine said “Yes. I am Hermine, but why did you know my name?”  Alejandro said “I am Alejandro. We are childhood friends”  Hermine said “Sorry, i do not have old memory” “But though only twice has come here, I somewhat feel nostalgia” He showed her the photo which he appeared in with her. Hermine pointed the photo and asked “Is it you to appear in this photo Alex?” Alejandro said “I and you” A middle-aged woman came over to his bookstore suddenly. The middle-aged woman said “I looked for you Hermy” Alejandro asked “Who are you?” The middle-aged woman said “I am her stepmother of Theresia” “She has suffered from disease of mind after her father died in front of her several years ago” Alejandro said “Ok” Theresia left the shop with her. Hermine visited his bookstore again on Tuesday of the next week. He recommended her the book which she liked in old days. While she read the book, she remembered memory with him. When she was young, she remembered that she said “Would you marry me if we become an adult?” to him. And Hermine asked him “Would you marry me?” Alejandro said “Yes, but I am sorry not to be able to answer properly when I am young” And they lived happily together.

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