Piece of the memory

A hunter named Andrew lived in the country town named Kolt. He was a family of the Hunter who followed from generation to generation and when he was young, his mother died and his father was attacked three years ago by a beast and died, and he lived alone. One day he found the girl who was dressed like the noble fell down when he made hunting in a mountain. Even if he shook her body as for her many times, she did not wake up. And he dragged the deer which he caught by hunting while carrying her body and returned to his house and he nursed her overnight. And she woke up the next morning. When he carried the breakfast to the room where she sleeping, she just woke up. She was surprised at him who and screamed and she went to the wall that she covered her body with a quilt and escaped from him. Andrew said “I am sorry to be able to threaten you” “I found you who fell down in a mountain and brought it to my home” She removed only of the head of the quilt which covered up her body and watched his state. The girl said “I do not know” Andrew said “Because I do nothing, do not be afraid” “I brought you breakfast” and put breakfast to the horizontal side table of the bed where she slept. She ate the breakfast which he brought immediately whether she was hungry very much. Andrew said “I am Andrew of the hunter living in this house” “And you?” The girl said “I do not know who am i” Andrew pointed to her jacket which is hung on the hanger and said “There may be something in the pocket of your jacket” When he put a hand in the pocket of her jacket and confirmed the inside, the puzzle of the crystal on piece and notebook one were in the pocket of her jacket. Something like name of the person was written on the notebook. And a map was inserted between the page of the notebook. It was marked on several places of towns in the map. Andrew said “Your name is Kimberley until you remember your true name” Kimberley is the name of his mother. Kimberley said “Ok” They went to the town named Heim in the distance for approximately three hours on foot from Kolt where they were. It was marked on Heim in her map. Heim is famous as the town where many merchants come and go and always the town is full of life. When they arrived Heim, she was at her wits end and crouched down suddenly. Andrew asked “Are you ok?” Kimberley said “I have a pain in the head intensely” and mind lost. She watched “When she let a butler send the puzzle of the crystal which wrote down the whereabouts of the vast inheritance that her grandfather left to the people that she was reliable, the assassinator whom her older sister-in-law employed appeared” in her dream. Kimberley woke up and said “I remembered it a little” And they visited the antique shop which an old man named Humphrey said to be the most knowledgeable in a town ran. The name of Humphrey was written to the notebook. Kimberley remembered when she escaped from the assassinator whom her older sister-in-law employed, she fell from the cliff. Andrew showed one piece of the puzzle of the crystal in Humphrey and asked “Have you seen the peace of the puzzle same as this?” Humphrey had a surprised look and asked “Where did you get it?” Andrew pointed to her and said “Her belonging” Humphrey asked “Were you safe?” Kimberley said “Sorry, i do not know” Andrew said ” She lost the memory” Humphrey said “She is a daughter of the famous earl family. Her older sister-in-law aims at her life to take the vast inheritance that her grandfather left” and handed her one piece of the puzzle of the crystal. Kimberley said “Thank you” Humphrey said “I think whether you may meet the assassinator whom your older sister-in-law employed when collect the piece of the puzzle, but take care” When they left the shop of Humphrey and were going to come back to Kolt, they heard the rumor that a shop of Humphrey was attacked. They went to the next town without coming back in Kolt.

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