My girlfriend who came over from the foraway

There was Paxton high school in the slightly deserted town named Paxton. The man named Jordan who has just finished graduating from a university started for his new post as a math teacher in the high school. One day when he was used to the life in the high school, when he finished outfit and was going to come home, saw something such as the shooting star having crashed in the mountain behind of the high school. He went to the mountain behind hastily. The woman alien named Ficel of planet Kepler-10c which took a trip to the planet of the solar system with a small spaceship fell by engine trouble. She hid her spaceship in the bush and made it hard to be found her spaceship using the stealth function. The characteristic of alien Kepler-10c is the figure similar to the earthian and the desire to learn is elegant very highly. When he arrive at the mountain behind of the high school, he found her which sat in the ground and looked at the star. He fell in love with her beauty at first sight. Jordan asked “Did you see it what or having fallen in this neighborhood? She turned the look that seemed to be suspicious to him. Jordan said “I am not a doubtful person. I am Jordan working as an math teacher at the high school close by” Ficel said “Ok” Jordan asked “May I ask you about your name?” Ficel said “I am Ficel” Jordan said “the starlit sky is beautiful” Ficel said “Well” And when two people looked at starlit sky for a while, her stomach sounded. Two people laughed. Jordan said “I am hungry too” “Shall we go to eat something with me?” Ficel asked “To where?” Jordan asked “Would you go to the restaurant which a delicious dish can eat and i found recently?” Ficel said “I entrust you” Jordan said “Ok” He went to the restaurant with her and they ate together. Jordan asked “Did you enjoy your meal?” Ficel said “It was very delicious” Jordan said “It was good” “Would you meet me again?” Ficel said “Well” Jordan said “Thank you” And he parted from her and came home. He went to the mountain behind of the high school before coming home from the high school almost every day from the next day. Then they were attracted each other and began dating, and the relation between them deepened more as they repeated the number of the dating. And one day Jordan asked “Would you live with me?” Ficel said “I have hidden it from you so far” Jordan asked “What?” Ficel said “I came from planet Kepler-10c outside the solar system” Jordan said “Even if you are an alien, my love to you does not change” Ficel said “Thank you” And they embaraced each other. Then they began cohabitation. When she looked at starlit sky nearby he slept at his toom, she saw that a spaceship went down in the mountain behind of the high school, and she went to the mountain behind of the high school. Then there were her older brother named Varos and father named Erakis there. They discovered her spaceship which was hidden. When she arrived at mountain behind of the high school, she saw they investigated a crash cause of her spaceship. Varos said “We did an urgent signal emitted from your spaceship later” Erakis asked “Are you Ok?” Ficel said “I’m sorry for worry” He noticed that there was not her and went to the mountain behind of the high school which encountered her for the first time. Varos said “Let’s go home with us” Ficel said “Sorry, I am glad to be able to meet daddy and Varos, but i cannot go home with you” Erakis asked “Why?” Ficel said “Because I want to be with a favorite person” Jordan came over when she was going to finish saying. Erakis said “I do not admit dating you with the earthian” Jordan said “I worried about you Ficel” Varos asked “Is this fellow your acquaintance?” Ficel said “Sorry Jordan” Ficel pointed to Jordan and said “He is Jordan” “My favorite person” Erakis said “I do not admit” Ficel said “Please do not say such a thing” “They are my older brother and my daddy” Jordan said “Nice to meet you” “I am earnest dating with your a daughter”  Erakis said “I cannot believe that” Ficel said “Go home!” “I do not back to planet Kepler-10c” Erakis said “Ok” Varos asked “Do you permit dating of Ficel with the earthian easily?” Erakis said “I do not want to be disliked in Ficel” “Well, we will go home Varos” Varos said “Ok” They took the spaceship and went to planet Kepler-10c. And Jordan and Ficel lived happily together on the earth.

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