Hotel Mondlicht

There was the young man named Johnny who attends Verflone University. Though he was a senior in the university, but he was not got a job and always looked for a job. One day two month before the graduation ceremony, he got a notice of adoption from Hotel Mondlicht. He graduated with a bright feeling and went to Hotel Mondlicht built on the small hill of neighboring town named Fyrn on the next day of the graduation ceremony. When he arrived at the hotel, the middle-aged manager named Conrad who seemed to be gentle of the mind that was at the front desk came to him. Johnny said “Thank you for your kind of in the job interview” Conrad said “Well, let’s go to the office” And when they arrived at office, there were two men and one woman and some ghosts there. He let out a yell because of too much surprise. The ghost was about to smile at him, but looked uneasy to hear his cry. Conrad said “Sorry to surprise you, but they are your colleagues” Johnny asked “Oh, really?” Conrad said “Yes” Johnny asked “Why do you work with the ghost?” Conrad said “Here was the gate which connected the world of the dead person and the human being world since before this hotel was built several hundred years ago” “But because an owner at the time built a hotel without knowing it, various psychic phenomena were generated, and all employees ran away ahead of the opening of the hotel and became the business closing” “And my ancestor bought this hotel and started business with the ghost afterwards” Johnny said “Ok” Conrad said “Well, i introduce you the staff” “Come on Dora, Larry, Bruce” Then 3 people came over to them. Conrad pointed to a woman and said “She is a room clerk named Doris” and pointed to a man and said “He is a receptionist named Lawrence” and pointed to a man and said “He is a porter named Bruce” successively. Johnny said “I am Johny” and shook hands with them. Conrad handed the uniform of the hotel to him and said “Change into this” When he changes into his uniform handed to Conrad and goes to the front desk again. Conrad said “Guide him to the locker room Larry” Lawrence said “Ok” And they went to the locker room and he changed into his uniform of the hotel. When he finished change and came back to the office with Lawrence, the number of ghosts increased from a little while ago. Doris said “Welcome  back” And he had eyes with the ghost of one beautiful woman. Bruce noticed that he found one woman ghost  and said “She is a daughter named Valerie of the ghost named Gordon who is at this hotel from old days” Valerie asked “Are you a new employee?” Johny said “Yes, i am Johny” Valerie said “I am Valerie” “If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask someone whom there is near you then” The ghost said “Do not thwart our work a new employee!” Valerie said “It is rude to him!” “Apologize to him!” The ghost said “We joked a little” “Sorry” Valerie said “Good luck” and  passed through a wall and went somewhere. Johny said “Thank you” Bruce said “You seemed to be in favor with Valerie” “Because most of the ghosts whom there is here feel kindly toward her, be careful!” Johny said “Ok, thank you” Conrad said “You work at the front desk under Lawrence” And he started work of the receptionist. When Lawrence does the correspondence of the hotel guest, the couple of the ghost came to the front desk where he was to check in and he hurry-scurried. Johnny said “Welcome to Hotel Mondlicht” Then the hotel staff of the ghost appeared out of nowhere and supported him casually. And the ghost went somewhere immediately. The couple of the ghost whom he corresponded to came over again in a few minutes. The couple of the ghost said “Change the room!” Johnny said “What’s the matter?” The couple of the ghost said “Bed-making and supplement of the amenity were not done in the room” “I heard that the correspondence for the hotel guest was splendid, but i was disappointed” Johnny said “I am very sorry” Lawrence asked “What happened Johnny?” Johnny said “I handed the room key which was not set to the hotel guest” Lawrence said “Ok” “I am very sorry to trouble you because of this clumsiness” “I change the room immediately” The couple of the ghost said “Let me apologize to the ghost of the young man of the surname same as you” Johnny handed the couple other room key. The couple of the ghost controlled anger and went to the room. Valerie happened to pass by the front of the front desk where they were and she noticed him and came to the front desk. Lawrence said “Probably it is harassment by the hotel staff of the ghost” Valerie said “I report it to daddy” and left. Valerie returned in a few minutes. Valerie said “It was my older brother named Nathan to have been going to entrap you” “I am sorry” Johnny said “Do not apologize” It was an opportunity, and Nathan which was the leader of group which regarded him with hostility became quietand and he made friends with Valerie.

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