the other side of the tunnel

There was Twain college in the town named Kirth, and many children went to school by the school bus which a 24-year-old female driver named Elizabeth ran. Twain college is unified elementary through junior high school. When she goes to the school carrying 6 children on a school bus, she knew that she was not able to pass the road which she always used by a landslide on a radio June 19, 2015. The 6-year-old boy named Richard of the spoilt child and a 7-year-old fearless girl named Cheryl and an 12-year-old unfussy girl named Bonnie and the 14-year-old boy named Mark who always hangs headphones to a neck and the 14-year-old girl named Vanessa of the person of steady and the 9-year-old boy named Rodney who always eats something got on a bus. When she went along another way where she found a bus while driving, an old long tunnel appeared front of her bus. She just ran a bus and passed through the tunnel, then the sound of the radio turned into a noise. Cheryl cried “Look, a tunnel disappeared!” When they looked at the outside from the rear of the bus, a tunnel disappeared. And all scenery to show from there was an unfamiliar scenery. Richard had look that seemed to cry and asked “Where are we?” “Can we not back to home?”” Mark said “I do not know” while being irritated. Vanessa said “Do not hard on Dick” Mark has begun to hear music in headphones in defiance of Vanessa. When she got off a bus and looked around, one old woman approached her bus. Elizabeth said “Excuse me, We seemed to lose our way” “Where are we?” The old woman said “Here is Gymre” Elizabeth was familiar in the place name. She remembered her grandmother lived at a village named Gymre. The old woman said “Come to my home if you lose your way” Elizabeth said “It is the proposal that I am thankful for, but because I must not trouble you because I am with children, I decline your proposal” The old woman said “Do not worry” “Because my house is big, all are secure to come” Elizabeth said “Thank you very much for your kind invitation, i will come” “I am Elizabeth of the school bus driver” The old woman said “I am Janet” And Elizabeth followed the old woman with children and went to her house. Janet led them to the living room. A lot of furniture of the antique was given glory to in a house of Janet. Janet said “I serve tea” “Please sit at the seat” and left the place. Elizabeth said “Thank you” Cheryl looked around in a house. Elizabeth said “You must not stare very much” Rodney asked “Is there potato chips?” Janet said “Sorry, there is not potato chips” and displayed teacups in front of the seat where they sat and poured tea into it. Vanessa said “Thank you, do not mind” Rodney took the biscuit out of a pocket and has begun to eat it. Elizabeth found the photograph which Janet appeared in with her grandmother and asked “Is she your sister?” Janet said “Yes, she is my little sister” Elizabeth asked “Is her name Fiona?” Janet asked “Yes, but why do you know the name of my little sister?” Elizabeth said “Because Fiona is the name of my mother and she looks just like my mother” Cheryl asked “Is Aunt Janet an aunt of Ellie?” Elizabeth said “I heard that my aunt died in the war 60 years ago” “Where is Fiona?” Janet said “She is on the second floor” She called Fiona then a girl went down from the second floor. Janet said “Fiona, come here” Fiona asked “Who are they?” Janet said “Because they lost their way, I invited it to the house” Bonnie asked “What date is it today?” Janet said “It is March 15, 1955 today” Vanessa said “We seemed to do time travel 60 years ago” Elizabeth asked “Are you Grandma Fiona?” Fiona said “I am still 15 years old” Broadcast to tell an outbreak of the war was done by a radio. Janet said “You evacuate somewhere early” Richard asked “Do we die?” Elizabeth said “We do not die” Mark said “It is groundless” “Because I do not want to die in such a place, I escape alone” Janet said “It is dangerous” “Because there is an shelter near, I guide you” But Mark left the place. When Elizabeth going to follow Mark, Janet said “Because you will not know this land, I run after it”. Elizabeth said “Ok” Janet said “Fiona, If there is anything, take them to the refuge” Fiona said “Ok” Janet ran after Mark. Fiona asked “Why did you call me Grandma?” Elizabeth said “We seemed to do time travel from 60 years ago” “I am Elizabeth of the school bus driver” Fiona said “I cannot believe it” Vanessa said “It is true” “We passed through the tunnel and came here by a bus, but the tunnel disappeared” Fiona said “So” “Am I 60 years later fine?” Elizabeth said “Yes, but there is not this town 60 years later” Fiona said “Ok” Janet caught up with Mark at that time. Janet said “Wait!” Mark said “Do not come!” Janet said “If you may feel it dissatisfiedly, I hear your talk” and hugged him kindly. Mark said “Liberate me” and struggled. Janet banged a body on the rock which there was behind her in the reaction that Mark struggled, and she was injured seriously. And he was surprised at it and was upset. Janet said “I am all right” and lost consciousness. He cut his clothes and stopped bleeding of her wound and carried her on his back and went to her house. Meanwhile at house of Janet. Richard said “I am hungry” But Rodney picked up chocolate bar from a bag while seeing t in looking askance at and has begun to eat. Vanessa said “Rod, Divide it into Dick a little” Rodney said “They are mine” Elizabeth said “Because I will buy the sweets if we come back in the times when there were us” Rodney said “Ok” and handed Richard the chocolate bar. Mark which carried Janet on his back when Richard ate chocolate bar returned. Mark said “She banged a body on a rock and lost consciousness” Fiona said “Pull yourself together!” But Janet did not react. Elizabeth said “Must treat Janet early” Fiona said “There is not a medical office here, and the treatment that is enough because war just began is impossible” Bonnie asked “How about that look for a tunnel connected to the times when there were us by bus, sink or swim?” Fiona said “Ok, do not die” They left the house of Janet and got in a bus. When a bus began to work, Fiona waved its hand while crying. Elizabeth ran a bus, and a tunnel appeared before them in a few minutes. And when they went through the tunnel, they came back in the times when there were them. Elizabeth took Janet to the hospital with it. She made Janet her adopted daughter and lived with Fiona and Janet. Children returned to everyday life immediately. Then Mark proposed to Janet several years later, and they got married several months later.


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