the clairvoyant

There were the 10-year-old boy named Moath who lived with father and mother at the home of Jordanian middle class people. Because he said he wanted to always go to Egypt, his parents planned a trip to Egypt behind the back of him on his birthday. Her parents said him “Pack!” suddenly on his birthday. Moath asked “Where do we go?” His mother said “To Egypt” Moath asked “really?” His father said “Yes” Moath said “Thank you” and danced with joy. And he packed and they went to Egypt. They put their baggage in the room of the hotel and went to the Cairo museum immediately. Moath observed the showpiece of the museum with parents. He found the sarcophagus which was in the showcase and stared into it. And he touched the picture of Udjat eye drawn on the sarcophagus over the glass of the showcase, then he lost mind and fell down suddenly. His mother called an ambulance, and he was carried in a hospital. He woke up in a sickbed. Moath asked “Where am i?” His father said “You fell down at a museum and were carried in a hospital by an ambulance” His mother asked “Are you ok? Moath” Moath said “Yes, i am ok” “Let’s come back to the hotel” His father said “After inspecting it for sense” His body was inspected for sense, but they came back to the hotel because there was not abnormality. His father asked “Are you not hungry?” Moath said “Because I have no appetite, go to the restaurant with my father with mother” His father said “Ok” and his parents went to the restaurent. And when his parents finished a meal at a restaurant and were going to come back to the hotel, they were attacked by robbers and lost their life. Moath was waiting for his parents in a hotel, but because his parents did not readily come back, he went to look for his parents, then he became bloody on a street and discovered his parents who fell down in an alley and rushed up and burst into tears. He saw the scene that his parents reflected in his left eye were attacked by robbers. And he cried again. The police which heard his cry did it to his cause. The police officer hugged him who sobbed. He told the characteristic of robbers who murdered his parents while crying to a police officer and because he did not have a relative other than his parents, he was taken to the orphanage to a police officer. And all robbers who murdered his parents because of his testimony were arrested the next day. He saw various truth with his left eye and could not believe a person and he left the orphanage 5 years later and he used the scene which his left eye showed, and he has begun to make living by fortune-telling using power of his left eye. Because his fortune-telling was too accurate, people flocked to have him tell it from the country whole land while he began fortune-telling and did not pass for half a year either. One day a servant of the famous noble named Daher came to him. The servant said “I came here by order of the Lord Daher” Moath asked “May I ask the purpose of your visit?” The servant said “A daughter of the Lord Daher was abducted by someone” “Would you not search a daughter of the Lord Daher?” Moath said “Ok” “Well, guide me to a mansion of the Lord Daher” And they took half day and went to the mansion of the Lord Daher. When they arrived at the mansion, Lord Daher met them. The Lord Daher said “Please find out A’ishah” Moath said “Please call the person who contacted your a daughter before that she was abducted” One hour later, people who contacted A’ishah before that A’ishah was abducted were assembled in the large hall. He saw people assembled in the large hall in the next to Lord Daher using power of his left eye. Moath pointed to the butler named Farhat whom there was near them most and said “That fellow assembled a daughter of the Lord Daher” The Lord Daher asked “Why did you do such a thing?” “Where is A’ishah?” Farhat said “I am sorry” and approached them. Then the husband named Halim of the younger sister named Bisar of the Lord Daher fired through the heart of Farhat with a gun suddenly. Farhat was hit a bullet in the heart and dead. The Lord Daher asked “What’s your intent?” Halim said “I worried about your body and shot it” The Lord Daher said “Do not do an unnecessary thing” “You return to one’s mansion!” Halim returned to one’s mansion. Moath said “I saw all” Halim played tricks to a car of Farhat to kill Bisar with the right to secondly succeed to vast property of the Lord Daher and Halim was going to let Farhat run over and Kill Bisar. However, she suffered from lower part of the body paralysis, but escaped death. Halim erased all the traces of the accident hastily and threatened Farhat and let abducted A’ishah. The Lord Daher asked “About the place where A’ishah is?” Moath said “It is not only it” The Lord Daher asked “What?” Moath said “Farhat was only used” The Lord Daher asked “Who is the ringleader?” Moath said “It is Halim” The Lord Daher asked “Is A’ishah in the mansion of Halim?” Moath said “Yes, your a daughter is made to lie in the basement of the mansion of Halim” The Lord Daher said “Call a car” to the butler. Moath said “It is too dangerous” “I rescue your a daughter” Moath went to the mansion of Halim with soldiers. When they entered the mansion of Halim, one gunshot resounded at the mansion of Halim. And he rescued A’ishah imprisoned by a basement with soldiers. When soldiers went to the room of Halim, he fired through the temple with a gun and was dead. Moath came back to the mansion of the Lord Daher with a daughter of the Lord Daher The Lord Daher liked him very much, and A’ishah also liked him, too, and they began dating. The Lord Daher let him live in one’s mansion, and he supported Lord Daher using power of the left eye. And they lived happily for a long time.

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