There was the 35-year-old deputy manager named Takeshi who worked for the major trading company. He has 34-years old a wife named Sanae and 8 years old son named Keigo and a 5-year-old son named Shota, and the couple that they look happy seeing from an edge. But he was so busy and he did not listen to talk of his wife, and all the child care forced it on his wife and the relation between Mr. and Mrs. them was chilled. One day he got a letter from a village office which has jurisdiction over the area with the house of his grandmother. When a village office investigated the home owner of his grandmother according to the letter from a village office, the relative of his grandmother except him has already died. Because the government cannot dispose of the personal unoccupied house without permission(unless it is unavoidable), manage the home owner of the grandmother for transfer or sale or confidence as it is because you are in danger of the collapse when you leave an unoccupied house. Takeshi asked “Would you go to the hose of my grandmother on this weekend?” Keigo and Shota asked “Where?” Takeshi said “It is heart of a mountain” Keigo said “It seems to be interesting” Sanae asked “Why did you say such a thing suddenly?” He handed Sanae the letter from a village office. Sanae said “Ok” And they went to the house of his grandmother on the weekend. When he arrived at the house of his grandmother with his sons with his wife, he remembered time that he spent with his grandmother. His sons made friends with neighboring children and played with them. When he was young, he lost his parents in a traffic accident, and he was brought up by his grandmother. And he made friends with the Yokai of the cat that a tail called Nekomata which was divided into two ways settled in the house of his grandmother. Because the Nekomata was a tortoiseshell cat, he named Mike to the Nekomata. Because Mike was able to speak human languages, they enjoyed a conversation in the place where there was not a person. When he was decided to undergo finding employment in the urban major trading company which he committed now 15 years ago, his grandmother was pleased very much. Takeshi said “I came back on the holiday and went to the city” But he was so busy with and he did not back to the house of his grandmother. His grandmother died on one day several years later it. He returned home to attend at the funeral service of his grandmother, but he came back to the company in a hurry because his subordinate caused a trouble with the employee of the company of the business partner. He did not go to the house of his grandmother since then. When he sat in the porch, Mike came to him. Mike said “Your grandmother always made it lonely after you went to the city” Takeshi said “Grandma sorry” “I was so busy with work and i slighted my grandma” “I think when i remain present state, i seem to collapse my family” Mike said “Do not repeat the same mistake!” Neighboring children and Keigo who  played came over to them suddenly. Keigo pointed to Mike and asked “Daddy, can the cat speak human languages?” to Takeshi. Mike said “Takeshi, is the child your child?” Takeshi pointed to Kego and said “Yes, he is my son named Keigo” Takeshi pointed to Mike and said “Yes, he is an my old friend named Mike” Keigo asked “Do we move in here?” Takeshi said “If you liked here” Keigo said “I liked here and Shota also seems to liked here” Takeshi said “Ok. well, i talk with my wife” Keigo went to Shota. He called Sanae which was in the field which was adjacent to the house of his grandmother. Takeshi said”Because i have to talk a little, come” Sanae came to Takeshi. Sanae asked “What?” Takeshi said “I intend to move in here” Sanae asked “Is it some kind of jokes?” Takeshi said “No, because I let you do only hard thought when I remain present state,I want to work as a family here again” Sanae asked “What do you do for the company?” Takeshi said “I intend to resign from a company and become a farmer in here” Mike said “Takeshi, you are too selfish!” Sanae was surprised at a voice and looked around. Mike said “I am an old friend of that fellow” Takeshi said “This is my family affair” Mike asked “Will you introduce me to your family?” Takeshi said “Ok, she is my wife named Sanae” “When Shota came back,  i will introduce you” Sanae said “Okay, children seemed to like here” “But it is a condition that you repair this house in the state that a person can live in” Takeshi said “Ok” And Sanae and Keigo and Shota stayed at the house of the friend of his grandmother. He talked on the pretext of the confirmation of the state of the house of his grandmother all through the night with Mike. Mike had distrust for him at first, but distrust for him was reduced somewhat while talked with him. Mike said “I help with the repair of this house” Takeshi said “Thank you” Mike said “I am not yet the reason that completely forgave you” “I do not help you, it is for your grandma” Takeshi said “Ok” They heard the sound suddenly from the garret. When Mike went to the garret quickly, ran around in the garret noisily. Because became quiet, Takeshi asked “Were you what it was?” Mike said “It is my dinner” He and his family returned to the city the next day. And he visited the house of his grandmother and repaired the house every weekend. He sent such a life for nearly one year. He finished the repair of the house of his grandmother somehow and he submitted the resignation to the company and he moved into his grandmother house with his family. And mysterious life of he and his family and Mike began.

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