There was the 45-years-old professor named Toms who taught paleophytology at the Arneston University. He often made his lecture at the university no lecture and he went to the various places and investigated the ancient plant. One day the adventurer of his friend named Jeffrey came to the University. Jeffrey is him and a friend for twenty years. And he was asked “because i found a rare tree, do you not investigate it?” from Jeffrey. Toms said “Tell me details” Jeffrey said “I guide you to the place where the rare tree which I found grows wild” Toms said “Thank you” And they went to the place. When they go ashore in the very large island where virgin forests grow thick, Jeffrey chased the rabbit which came out of the bush suddenly and went to the depths of the jungle. And he ran after Jeffrey. When he caught up with Jeffrey, in there, fantastic space spread out. There was a clear pond so that a nymph seemed to appear at any moment and, there was divine, and the excellent tree which produced a fruit of the size of the apple which shined. He went around it around a tree while looking at the branch point from the origin of the tree. Toms said “I looked at such tree for the first time” “Very interesting!” Jeffrey asked “Will you not have a lunch here?” and pulled off a fruit which is divine, and shines from a branch from a branch suddenly and bit at it. Toms asked “You do what?” Jeffrey said “I have wanted to eat it when I looked at the fruit” Toms asked “Is your body alright?” Jeffrey said “Yes, this fruit is delicious” “Do you also not eat?” Toms said “Well i also pick it” and picked off two fruits from a branch, and put one in his bag and bit the other. Toms said “Oh, delicious” And they left the island with one fruit for studies. Then Jeffrey came to the Arneston University where he was to meet him a few days later. Jeffrey said “When I drove a car on the next day when we came back from the island, was in an chain-reaction accident” “I bore a serious injury, but was cured immediately” Toms said “I was asked Did you find effective medicine of the restoration of youth? from students” “Probably the fruit which we ate is a fruit of Ambrosia” They became younger and became the figure in the days of 20 generations. Jeffrey asked “What it?” Toms said “We seem to have become the agelessness and deathlessness” Jeffrey said “I see” Jeffrey went to the place dangerous more than before for adventure using a body of the agelessness and deathlessness. He thought this Ambrosia to be available in the medical field, and he did various studies using a fruit of Ambrosia which he took home with him. The study was made use of for the treatment to the person who suffered from the illness that could not recover completely and the person who lost a member.

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