the ticket collector

A certain woman dropped oneself body from the roof of the building. She was in the lobby of the cinema all too soon. There was a ticket gate her front, and one man such as the ticket collector stood there. The ticket collector said “I am Darryl in an ticket collector of this cinema” “May i see your a ticket?” Because she did not remember that she bought a ticket, she said “I do not have a ticket” Darryl said “Please confirm it in your pocket” And when she confirmed in her pocket, When she put a hand in her pocket and confirmed it, she noticed that paper entered her pocket. And it was a ticket when she took the paper out of her pocket. Darryl asked “May i see your ticket?” She handed a ticket to him. He tore off a ticket and handed half of the ticket to her. Darryl said “It is the 12th screen.  I guide you” The woman asked “What kind of movie is this?” He guided her to the 12th screen written on the ticket. When she opened the door and entered inside, there was a wide theater room. She was waiting for a movie being shown, while her sitting at the seat of the middle, and having uneasiness. Then the life that she walked was projected on screen. When the screening was finished, he entered the theater room. Darryl asked “Would you be satisfied?” The woman asked “What was this?” Darryl said “It is your life flashes” The woman asked “Well did I die?” Darryl said “Not yet exactly” The woman said “Ok, it was a very good movie” Darryl pointed at a door written as Exit and said “An exit is that place” “That place is an entrance to the heavens” She opened a door and went to the heavens. The her body dropped onto the ground under 10 meters from a building at the same time that she opened a door and went to the heavens.


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