the close friend robot

A boy named Keith lived in the hill which could look around the whole town of the town named Durlthom with his parents. The shrewd lawyer that his mother works in a famous law office, and his father works as the president of major IT company. Because his having been weak in the making of friend and his parents were always pressed by work and did it restlessly, he always spent lonelily alone. One day when Keith reached his 10-year-old birthday, when he spends alone as always in his house, a deliveryman came over. He received a big box from a deliveryman. When he confirmed the sender of the big box, it was his favorite grandfather. And he opened the box, then a birthday card and a manual and a lot of some kind of parts entered the box. “Happy Birthday Keith from your grandpa” was written in the birthday card. His grandfather of the authority on the robot study knew what he always spent lonelily and made a humanoid for him. And his grandfather sent a finished humanoid to him. He entered the room with a box. He have begun to assemble the parts which were in the box while reading a manual. When the article which he assembled was completed, it became the humanoid which is mechanical-body. He pushed the button in accord with the back of the head of the humanoid, then the mechanical-body of the robot changed like a human being, and hair grew. The humanoid said “Hello What your name?” Keith said “I am Keith” while looking in a humanoid wonderingly. The humanoid said “I registered your name” “Keith, name me” Keith thought a little and said “Fred” Fred said “Thank you Keith, i registered that name” Fred tied a cable to a PC and the body of oneself suddenly. Keith asked “What are you doing?” Fred said “I am updating information” “Wait a little until update is completed” Keith said “Ok” while being at a loss. Fred cuts the connection with the PC, then he asked “Did you not get homework at school?” Keith said “I got homework” Fred said “Show me your homework” He took homework out of his bag and showed homework. Then Fred taught him how to solve questions very clearly. When he spent in his room with Fred, his parents came home earlier. He thought that he could celebrate his birthday with his parents and went to living room. His mother “Because your grandpa died today, we should go to the house of the grandpa” “You prepare early” He burst into tears. His mother drew her him close to her kindly. His mother said “You was grandpa’s baby” Fred which heard a cry of him came over to the living room. His father asked “Who are you?” Fred said “I am Fred” Keith noticed Fred and said “He is a humanoid and a birthday present from grandpa” His mother said “Ok” Keith asked “May i take him?” His mother “Ok” Keith said “Thank you” And They went to the house of his grandfather with Fred. They arrived at the house of his grandfather, and when his parents made funeral preparations, he looked in the coffin enshrined in the house of the grandfather, then there was his grandfather who looked calm to sleep in the coffin. And there was Fred near him. When his grandmother enters the room where the coffin which his grandfather entered was enshrined, she said “I wanted meet you Tony” to Fred. Keith asked “Who is Tony?” His grandmother said “My son who became missing 30 years ago” Keith asked “Is he my uncle?” His grandmother said “Yes” Keith said “He is the humanoid whom grandpa made” His grandmother said “But it looks just like Tony” “Is it a joke?” Keith said “It is not joke” He called Fred. Keith said “Introduce yourself to my grandma” Fred said “Roland made Tony a model and made me” Keith said “I came with him to tell the thanks that were given him for birthday present to grandfather, but I am sorry to make grandmother sad” His grandmother said “Do not mind Keith” “Wait a second” and left the room. And she came over with some photo albums in a few minutes. She opened the photo album and showed him it. Keith pointed at the young man who looked just like Fred which appeared in the photo and asked “Is he uncle Tony?” His grandmother said “Yes” Keith said “Fred really looks just like uncle Tony” “Look it Freddy!” Keith said “Tell me about uncle Tony grandma” His grandmother said “Ok” “Tony repeated hospitalization and release many times after severe illness developed when he was young. Rolly left him and your mother at my mother with me and worked regardless of the night and day for manage to raise his hospital charges. According to my mother, he always looked at the outside from the window of his sickroom lonelily. And he died in spite of treatment on the day before on his 15-year-old birthday” His grandmother burst into tears. Keith said “I am sorry to remind of a sad memory” His mother came over and asked “What happend mummy?” His grandmother said “I remembered Tony and cried” His mother said “Ok” His grandmother said “I think that Rolly wish you make friends with Tony, and Rolly made Fred” His mother said “It is that my father seems to do it” The funeral service of his grandfather was over, and they moved into the house of his grandmother a few days later. And Keith made a friend through Fred and they lived life that smiles overflowed together.


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