the dark night to love

A girl named Jessica lived in the big town called Wert with her parents. Her mother cooked a dish putting all the skill for her on a 12th birthday of Jessica and her father bought the dog which she always wanted and made a doghouse. When her father making the doghouse at the garden, heard scream of her mother and when he entered the home, she fell the floor, and one man stood close to her whom she fell down, and there was. Her father cried “What did you do to her?” The man is no reaction in his question. He was going to a man with a tool, but the man avoided him and the man bit neck of Kyle suddenly and the man left their house. Then when Jessica came back to the home from a school, her parents fell down on the floor and when she to see it burst into tears, her grandfather came over. Her grandfather looked dead body of her parents and said “Sorry Jess, it is my fault” Jessica asked “Why? grandpa” Her grandfather said “I did not say to you, but I fight against the vampire as a vampire hunter” “I thought that harm extended to you if you were known to vampires, and I prevented me from meeting you if possible, but vampires found your house” She found the puppy which curled up under a table and held the puppy. Her grandfather said “If you want to revenge of your parents, i support you but you cannot come back in  conventional life” She wiped tears and said “I want to revenge of mumy and daddy” Her grandfather said “Ok, well let’s bury them” Then when the burial of her parents is over, they went to the house of her grandfather by the car which her grandfather drives. She named Dane to a puppy. Her grandfather instructed her She was able to cheer herself up by care of Dane and training of the vampire hunter for the loneliness without her parents. Then 6 years later, she who became very beautiful was fight against the vampire as a vampire hunter while studying history at a university and Dane became her excellent partner of vampire hunting. She got a very gentle boyfriend named Anthony and some friends at the University, but she said that oneself was a vampire hunter to nobody. One day she had a call from her grandfather who went for vampire hunting. Her grandfather said “the vampire of the enemy of her parents became clear” And when he going to say about of the enemy of her parents, he was attacked the vampire and the line went dead. She was worried her grandfather and her grandfather’s whereabouts with the GPS of the cell phone of her grandfather from the university and went there to look for him with Dane by the car. And she arrived at the nightclub on the street which is dirty street. Because there were many scoundels on the street. When she looked at the garbage dump of the back of the nightclub suddenly, her grandfather fell down there. Her grandfather bore a serious injury, but was not in danger of a life. And an ultraviolet irradiation device was grasped in his hand. She thought he fought against her using an ultraviolet irradiation device. Dane faced it toward the nightclub from the seat next to the driver and barked, but she picked up her grandfather on the car and went to the house of her grandfather without minding it. The man who stood by the window stared at them when she looked at the nightclub incidentally when she let a car started to move. She noticed the man is Anthony. They arrived at the house of her grandfather and she carried her grandfather to his bed and nursed him overnight. And she went to the university while being careful not to wake up her grandfather. She called Anthony. Jessica asked “I saw your figure at the nightclub. Why was there you there?” Anthony said “I did not say to you, because i am half vampire and half human, i can take ultraviolet rays ” “But I do not attack human. Trust me” Jessica said “Who is it to have attacked my grandfather?” Anthony said “It is a follower of my father” Jessica said “My grandfather was attacked when he was going to tell me the person who killed my parents” Anthony said “Perhaps my father is enemy of your parents, but i do not want to be your enemy” Jessica said “Well, please meet my grandfather first” They went to the house of her grandfather. When arrive the house of her grandfather, he grandfather woke up. Jessica said “Grandpa, i brought Anthony. His father is enemy of my parents” Her grandfather asked “Really? Are you a son of Gabriel?” Anthony said “Yes” Then he picked up a near gun and pointed the muzzle to Anthony and asked “Why did you bring such a guy?” Jessica cried “Stop! He is my boyfriend” And her grandfather took down a gun. Jessica said “He cooperates with my revenge” Her grandfather said “Ok” Then 1 week later, they went to attack the nightclub which became the den of the vampire with her grandfather that physical condition was restored. Her grandfather deployed some large-scale ultraviolet irradiation devices outside a nightclub. She and Anthony entered the nightclub and she defeated vampires with a sword, and he defeated vampires by the unusual power of the vampire. Dane also attacked vampires. Then Gabriel appeared from the depths of the nightclub. Gabriel said “You was coaxed for a human young girl” Anthony said “No, i do not be like you” and attacked Gabriel. Gabriel and Anthony developed an intense battle, and they fell into the basement. And when she go down in pursuit of them to the basement, she was attacked from Gabriel. He caught Gabriel and dispelled it and she cut up the body of Gabriel by a sword. Her revenge was over, and she who graduated from a university several years later married Anthony.


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