the bullet and love

There was the young man named Jin Woo who began to work as a bank clerk in charge of the financing in Gwang bank of the South Korean outstanding megabank in the inner city, and greeted the second year. He held love feeling in the beautiful employee of the restaurant named Kyeong Mi which came to the bank to sometimes exchange money, but he was not readily conveyed his feeling for her. One day when she came to the bank to exchange money, three men with the Boston bag who pulled one’s hat over one’s eyes and put on a mask, and wore the work clothes of the cleaning company entered the bank, and they took a machine gun out of a bag suddenly and the man of the leader of three men named Byong Chol fired a blow overhead. Jin Woo noticed questioningly, and he pretended to tie up a shoelace again and put a cell-phone in socks. Byong Chol said “Fill this Boston bag with money!” and pushed out a Boston bag to the woman bank clerk in charge of the window. Byong Chol pointed to the woman bank clerk and said “All the members come out to the corner other than this fellow” “Do not do the strange movement!” When a guard moved for caught a robber, Byong Chol noticed the movement of the guard and fired at the guard and the guard died. The woman customer screamed. The plump man of one of three men named Dea Ho said “Be quiet!” The pregnant woman of the hostage went into labor. Kyeong Mi said “Release her and the aged” Byong Chol said “Ok” And one pregnant woman and two aged were released. Jin Woo went to the corner of the bank according to the instructions of Byong Chol with five bank clerks. The long-haired man of one of three men named Chang Nam said “Behave yourself if you do not want to become you in the same way as this fellow either” One police car came by the report of the passerby who heard a gunshot at that time in front of the bank. And one police entered the bank, then Chang Nam fired at a police. The police was hit in side, but got away from the bank desperately while covering the wound by hand. His buddy who was waiting for him in a police car rescued him, and called for support, then 15 minutes later, an ambulance and police vehicle and Special Forces of the support arrived. The police which were hit with a gun was carried in a hospital by an ambulance. And the people of the bank were besieged by Special Forces. Dea Ho thrust a gun at ten customers who were in the bank and said “Go to the all the members corner!” Jin Woo began shooting the movie with a cell-phone as if not being noticed by three men. Ten customers including Kyeong Mi went to the corner according to instructions. Jin Woo noticed what Kyeong Mi was frightened by. Chang Nam said “Submit all the members cell-phone!” and collected a cell-phone from a customers and bank clerks who were taken hostage. Dea Ho rolled gummed tape and said “Tie up each other’s bodies with the gummed tape!” Customers and bank clerks who were taken hostage became one set of two people and tied up each body with gummed tape. The woman bank clerk in charge of the window received the key to safe from a branch manager and went to the place with the safe with a Boston bag. Byong Chol said “Do it hurry!” The woman bank clerk in charge of window duties handed Byong Chol the Boston bag which she overflowed almost while being frightened, and a roll of bills was included in. And Byong Chol pushed out the Boston bag of other two people to her and said “Fill these two Boston bags with money!” She packed two Boston bags with a roll of bills while having trouble, then Byong Chol snatched two Boston bags from her. Byong Chol said “Go to the place where there are other fellows!” She went to the place where there were customers and bank clerks who became other hostages. And she was tied up with gummed tape by Dea Ho. Byong Chol pointed to the finger to three men of the figure similar to the figure of three men  and said “You and you and you come here!” Jin Woo also was included in three men that the finger was pointed to. Byong Chol  saw Kyeong Mi and said “You also come here!” Kyeong Mi asked “Me?” while looking uneasy. Byong Chol said “Sure” Two men with Jin Woo went to Byong Chol, then Kyeong Mi also went to Byong Chol. Dea Ho and Chang Nam went from the hostage to the invisible place. And they took a roll of bills out of three Boston bags which a roll of bills was in in large quantities and stuck it on own body and wore the suit which imitated the body of the fat person whom there was mistaking it for skin of the person precisely. Jin Woo asked “You intend to do what to her?” Byong Chol said “It has nothing to do with you” “I will release you soon if you behave yourself” Jin Woo and two men were put on an eye mask. Jin Woo said “You do not have the place to run away to” Byong Chol said “I wonder about that” and smiled. Byong  Chol went to the place where there was Chang Nam and Dea Ho with Jin Woo and two men. Jin Woo and two men were wore the work clothes of the cleaning company which three men wore and the same work clothes. And while they were far in front of hostages, five hostages ran away. Byong Chol noticed that the hostage ran away and fired overhead. Byong Chol shot it dead anyone other than Jin Woo and Kyeong Mi and two men who stayed in the bank. Byong tied a machine gun to Jin Woo and the hand of two men and  attached it to push the machine gun which tied to Jin to a back of Kyeong Mi. Jon Woo and two men that an eye mask was taken off went out of the bank in the state that pushed a machine gun to Kyeong Mi. The police pointed a gun to them. Jin Woo which noticed it hugged her to protect her and turned my back on the police. Jin Woo and two men were hit in their body by several bullets and fell down. The police force who approached them noticed that they were hostages. They were taken a step temporarily by an ambulancecrew, and they were carried in a hospital by an ambulance. Three men who were going to pretend to be the hostage who failed to get out in time were restricted by the police force. Jin Woo escaped death, this case was an opportunity, and he and Kyeong Mi started dating.

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