the animator

The dowdy animator named Dennis lived in the town named Zaxter. He became famous for the animated cartoon of his initial work five years ago at a bound, but because the animated cartoon after his second works was not supported at all, he did not go out except that he went to the cafe named Lantern where he liked him and went to. One day when he drew the picture while he drank coffee at the seat of the corner on the window side of the cafe, one beautiful woman named Roxanne sat down next to the seat where he sat. He did not have interest for her at all first, but she always sat at the seat next to him and when eyes matched him, she smiled at him kindly. And he was in love with her gradually. Roxanne said “Hi, what do you draw?” Dennis said “Hi, it is outside scenery” Roxanne said “Show me your picture”  Dennis said “Ok” and showed her the picture which he drew. Roxanne said “Your picture is very nice” “I like your picture” Dennis said “Thank you” Roxanne said “Please draw my picture” Dennis said “Ok” and drew her picture. He drew her picture, and he showed her the picture. She was pleased very much. And they began dating. The animation which he dealt with attracted attention on the coattails of her again. Then she disappeared from him in few days later. He looked for her desperately and walked, then when he was at a loss and went home, one letter was in the mailbox of his house. “Thank you so far. the days that I was able to spend with you were happy” was written on the letter. And when he looked at the storeroom casually, he entered the storeroom because the storeroom door opened. There was a lot documents of the animation which he dealt with in the past there. There was the work which a character similar to her was drew in there when he saw it well. He thought she is materialization from the picture that he drew it for him, supported him. Dennis said the picture which she was drawn “Thank you” He hid a memory with her, and he dealt with many animations.

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