Jawed and mysterious painting brushes

The painter named Jawed lived in the quiet town named Rythen. He made home one room the atelier and painted the picture there. He is a very able painter, but because there was his house in the place such as the maze, the request of the work to come to him was around three in a month. One day a man visited to him. The man asked “Wolud you come to my house, and will you paint the picture of my wife?” Jawed said “Ok” They went into the forest by a carriage. When a carriage stopped, and he got off a carriage, there was a mansion called the mansion where a witch lived in in Rythen. The man said “Well i guide you to the room of my wife” He followed after a man and entered the corner room of the mansion, then he saw the beautiful woman who is dead as having slept on a bed. The man pointed to the beautiful woman who is dead as having slept on a bed and said  “She is my wife” “She died for a disease for one year, and I cast a spell so that her body did not go bad” “Please stay at this mansion until a picture is completed” He was upset, but he has begun to paint the picture of the beautiful woman who is dead as having slept on the canvas. The man pleased while cried when he showed a man a completed picture a few days later. And the man handed cash and a small box to him as a reward of the pictures. When he opened a box, three painting brushes were in the box. Jawed said “Thank you” He had the man drive to his house by the carriage of the man. He painted the apple which put in the atelier for sketch use with the painting brushes which he got from a man, when he came home. Then the apple which he painted became substance. Jawed said “He admired it and cried “Wow” and ate the apple. The apple was like the genuine apple, but there was not the taste. He asked the girl of his childhood friend living next to his house named Jamila to become the model of his picture and he painted the portrait of the girl with the painting brushes. When he completed a picture of her, the doll which looked just like her appeared from a canvas. They were at a loss for words in wonder. Jamila asked “What did you do?” Jawed said “I painted your picture only” “Those painting brushes are not normal painting brushes” Jamila said “Those painting brushes are interesting, but because those painting brushes may be abused when known to other people, this thing will make a secret” Jawed said “Ok” He put those painting brushes in a box, and he hid them in the place found in nobody. After that they did not talk nothing about those painting brushes on that day. They got married afterwards. And her doll was covered with cloth and was put in his atelier.


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