There was the man named Pravin who worked at the IT company in a certain town in India. Indian companies became closed to celebrate Holi (the festival of colours) on a certain day of March and he returned to his parents’ house to celebrate Holi with his family and friends. The female college student named Susan took a trip to India using the vacation of the university alone just at that time. She did not know that Holi was celebrated on the day when she took a trip to India. And when she walked the town, people have begun to splash color powder and color water on each other suddenly. And Pravin came to her when color powder and color water were sprinkled to her and she screamed. Pravin asked “What happend?” Susan said “My clothes were smeared” Pravin said “It is festival named Holi” “the festival of colours” Susan said “I did not know this festival” Pravin said “Come to my house” He took her to his parents’ house with him and handed her his young sister’s clothes. And he guided her around the town in the afternoon of the day when a festival was over. The encounter was an opportunity, and they began dating. While she stayed in India, she spent it with him. They went back and forth in each other’s countries many times even after she returned home, and they continued dating. And they got married with the permission of their parents two years later after they met each other.

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