the delivery service beyond the space-time

The time machine was invented in A.D. 2230. A.D 2240  ten years after it, time travel was enabled. The space-time Police were organized, and it was made mandatory that let time travel accompany by the space-time police as for at least one people. If the space-time Police discover the person who is going to modify the history, restrict the person promptly and must take the person to the space-time crime control station. One day the couple who lost a child did time travel in the times before their child was born. They saw the boy similar to their late son did ball play in a roadside, and a ball rolled to the road, and a boy chased the ball, and a boy was going to go to the road where a car came and went. They helped a boy in defiance of the control of the space-time Police. Then the person who was in love with a historical person ran off with a historical person. And they were taken to the space-time crime control station by having modified the history. Those things was an opportunity, and the time travel became the abolition. There are many voices for the time travel resumption, meanwhile there are many people holding the concern for the time paradox that is dripped by the time travel user. The space-time crime control station which managed the time travel repeated discussion with an outside well-informed people. And the compromise plan arrived at after discussion for 50 years prohibited the time travel of the person totally, and was allowed only the transfer of the thing which could not modify the history. It renovated the facilities of the time travel as a delivery center for 35 years. A person of the space-time crime control station appeared to the young man named Prashant who worked at the post office of the county town. The person of the space-time crime control station said “To work as a member of delivery beyond the space-time” Prashant asked “Why me?” The person of the space-time crime control station said “The appropriate examination that you took in last spring was intended to select carefully in members of delivery beyond the space-time” And he approved it while being puzzled and went to the delivery center of the delivery service beyond the space-time with a person of the space-time crime control station and he received the training at there. Opened the delivery service beyond space-time at the delivery center in A.D. 2325. There was a phone call from a girl named Shelley to the delivery center a few days later. Shelley said “Because I quarrel with him before the life of my late grandfather and was not able to apologize, I regret it” Prashant said “Certainly, I will come to receive thing to send to your grandfather tomorrow” And he visited her house the next day. He received the letters from her to her grandfather and when he was going to go out of her house, she hailed him. She handed a lunch box to him. Prashant asked “What is this?” Shelley said “I was taught the cooking that my grandfather liked during the lifetime by

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