looking for you of the first love

There was an excellent castle among the coral in the bottom of the sea, and very beautiful mermaid Princess named Grace and her father named Gregory of the sons-in-law and her grandmother named Amanda who is mermaid Queen lived there. She was born soon her mother named Mary hung in the net which the fisherman set, and was pullout in the fishing port. When a mermaid was pullout in the fishing port, the noble man who visited the village nearby heard it and because he knew the rumor that can become eternal youth when eat the meat of the mermaid, went to the fishing port and paid large sum of money and carried her to one’s mansion and he ate her meat and became eternal youth. The thing was an opportunity, and Amanda became a misanthrope. Many mermen proposed marriage to her, but she declined all proposals. One day Amanda called Grace to her room. Amanda said “Because you turned 18 years old, i decided your marriage partner” Grace said “I do not want to yet get married” Amanda asked “Do you still think of the human being who met a decade ago?” Grace said “I want to meet him again” Amanda said “I do not permit it” She was taken to the room and was confined by Household. Grace thought about a boy whom met a decade ago at her room. 10 years ago When Grace swam with a dolphin named Roger, she noticed that a boy named David fell into the sea from a yacht, and she carried him with Roger to the island nearby. David woke up and was surprised that there was a mermaid near. But because they were close in age, they gradually took up each other. Amanda worried about Grace which did not return to a castle and she let Households investigate it, then Grace was found by Household, but she entreated Households and became spend it with him until help comes. When help came, she returned to the castle with Households not to be found by other human beings. He looked for her figure for a while to see the sea after he was saved. The present David thought to be able to meet her again sometime if worked by the sea and he became a lifeguard. Grace went out of the dungeon by the help of the lady’s maid and there was an doubtful old woman there when she went on the land as if not being found by a soldier. Old woman said “I will change you to the human being if you want to become a human being” Grace said “Please” Old woman waved a stick and chanted “Skift to the human” then her caudal fin changed into feet in a moment. And she was pleased and went to the town to look for him. When he was not found to her in a town and trudged the seaside, she saw that he saved a drowned person and she went to him, then her feet changed into the caudal fin in front of a large number of people in a moment. The soldier who dealt with the seaside guard was going to arrest her. David said “I wanted to meet you” and hugged her. She called Roger. He rode on Roger escaped with her. The old woman who saw it stamped its foot on the ground in vexation. They lived peacefully in a small uninhabited island.

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