There was the popular photographer named Willy. His mother also was a photographer with a high technique, but his mother suffered from severe illness and left this world, when he was 15 years old. His mother who became a ghost wanted to watch his growth through a camera and poured all the power that could exist as the soul into the camera which oneself used habitually during the lifetime. He loves the photograph which his mother shoots and he always said “I want to become the photographer like mother” When his father distributed mementos, his father gave the camera which his mother used habitually to him. Willy asked “May I get this camera?” His father said “Of coure” while smiling. Willy said “Thank you” He shot the photograph of his house with the camera, and when he developed the photograph his house which collapsed was projected by a photograph. He confirmed other photographs, but was only the photograph of the town which collapsed by an earthquake. And when he confirmed a date listed in a photograph, the date was Saturday three days later. If this photograph was a future foresight, he must leave this town early, but he thought that nobody believed a future foresight. He had doubt for a scene projected by a photograph, but he thought that must avoid it if the worst future was avoided and asked “Would you go to the parents’ house of mother this weekend?” to his father. And he went to his mother parents’ house with his father on the weekend. When they went from a visit to a grave of his mother to his mother parents’ house, they watched the news of the occurrence of big earthquake in the place with their house on TV. He thought that his mother watched him through the camera which his mother used habitually during the lifetime. And he always wore the camera which his mother used habitually during the lifetime like a lucky charm and took it to go where.  He studied techniques of a camera and the photography at a university to become a photographer like his mother. And he applied for a photo exhibition in the scenery photograph which he took with the camera which his mother used habitually during the lifetime, and he got excellence Prize. The photo exhibition was an opportunity, and he suddenly became famous.


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